Oliver Twist Foundation
May 16 2016

Oliver Twist

The Oliver Twist Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was set up in September 2005 as a result of the desire by the partners of Kairos to establish a foundation whose objective is to put targeted initiatives in place to help disadvantaged children and young people. The Captain of Industry, Leonardo Del Vecchio, was convinced of the importance of the initiative and agreed with its goals, and immediately became a supporting member of the Foundation.

"The London portrayed by Dickens is a gloomy, hard place, where young people only experience abuse and loneliness and have very little hope. It seems like an ancient, far-off, almost fairytale place, thanks to this extraordinary writer's ability with the written word, yet when we look at the reality of today we see that little has changed for many young people, even though our surroundings are so very different. Feelings of loneliness are even more entrenched, and often leave young people without solutions that make facing the difficulties and sacrifices of life worthwhile.
This is the striking relevance found in the works of Dickens and what has provided the inspiration for our Foundation, which aims to provide the young people who cross our path with concrete, committed and encouraging solutions. Actions and not just words, implemented with commitment on a daily basis. If we've learnt one thing over the years it's that it is possible to create this solution, and there's no greater incentive for continuing, especially during what is such a difficult period for the country."

Paolo Basilico, Chairman of the Foundation