May 16 2016

The Oliver Twist Foundation operates thanks to financing granted to projects deemed worthy and proposed by the following associations with which the Foundation has entered into partnership agreements:



Associazione Cometa
The Association is committed to fostering, educating and nurturing children and young people and supporting their families. Cometa is  where  are encouraged to appreciate whilst sharing everyday  and where the  are helped and supported in their education efforts.
Cometa’s and commitment to its cause has been the driving force over the years behind the development of many initiatives that aim to respond to of an ever-growing number of children and young people.
The partnership began in 2006 and its most noteworthy accomplishments since then include the building and opening in September 2009 of the “Oliver Twist School in Como and the institution of the Oliver Choir in September 2013.

Dynamo Camp

Dynamo Camp
Dynamo Camp was inaugurated in the summer of 2007 and is the only structure in Italy offering Recreational Therapy to youth whose lives have been impacted by illness. The Camp provides a range of recreational, sports and social activities in a natural and protected environment. Dynamo Camp is specifically designed for children suffering from serious and chronic diseases, specifically those suffering from onco-hematological, neurological and diabetes-related diseases. The mission is to offer, free of charge, recreation programs for these children and help them regain confidence in their abilities and potential.
The partnership began in 2015 with the support of the Recreational Therapy in Water project.

Mission Bambini

Mission Bambini
Mission Bambini aims to give real help to children suffering from poverty, illness, lack of education or who have experienced physical and moral abuse.
The Foundation supports a series of projects designed to provide guidance and assistance to youth who are socially disadvantaged and at risk of poverty in both social and working environments.In this way, the right conditions are created for these youngsters to develop their personalities in a harmonious manner and gain psycho-social and environmental autonomy.