Kairos Alpha Sicav - Target Italy

The Fund

Target Italy is a fund of Kairos Alpha Sicav, a Luxembourg Sicav with UCITS status. It is a Sub-Fund ("Feeder Fund") that invests at least 85% of its net assets in Class shares of Kairos International Sicav – Risorgimento (the "Master Fund"), a sub-fund of Kairos International Sicav.
The sub-fund aims to gradually raise capital with a view of medium-long term, taking the opportunities offered by the inefficiencies of the Italian stock market through a non-traditional asset management.
The management team will build the Portfolio with Equity that expected to overperform the benchmark index; the Feeder Fund will invest also in financial derivatives aiming to reduce the market risk of the Master Fund.
A disciplined risk control process aims to contain volatility.


Investment team

KAS - Target Italy D
February 16 201899.99
February 15 201899.98
Variation0,010 %
KAS - Target Italy P
February 16 2018100.51
February 15 2018100.49
Variation0,020 %
KAS - Target Italy X
February 16 2018101.09
February 15 2018101.08
Variation0,010 %