Kairos International Sicav - Algo (ex Multi-Strategy UCITS)

The Fund

Algo (ex Multi-Strategy UCITS) is a fund of funds of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav.
The objective of the fund is to generate a positive absolute return in the medium-long term that is unrelated to the traditional asset classes.
The portfolio is constructed through a process of selecting alternative funds from quant fund managers, supported by thorough monitoring of the risk level. The quant fund managers adopt strategies that provide for the use of computers to examine financial data and identify forecasting models.


Investment team

Kairos Investment Management Limited (UK).

KIS Algo D (ex Multi-Strategy UCITS D)
September 20 2017114.61
September 19 2017114.66
Variation-0,044 %
KIS Algo P (ex Multi-Strategy UCITS P)
September 20 2017119.39
September 19 2017119.44
Variation-0,042 %
KIS Algo P-USD (ex Multi-Strategy UCITS P-USD)
September 20 2017161.18
September 19 2017161.24
Variation-0,037 %
KIS Algo X (ex Multi-Strategy UCITS X)
May 19 2017107.67
May 18 2017107.55
Variation0,112 %