Kairos International Sicav - America

The Fund

America is a multi-manager sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests mainly on the US stock market.
The objective of the sub-fund is to grow the capital over the medium-long term through investing mainly in equity securities issued by companies from North and South America.
The sub-fund may be characterised as having a high foreign exchange risk.


Investment team

Kairos Investment Management Limited (UK).

KIS America D
September 20 2017225.1
September 19 2017224.73
Variation0,165 %
KIS America P
September 20 2017232.94
September 19 2017232.57
Variation0,159 %
KIS America P-USD
September 20 2017338.43
September 19 2017337.67
Variation0,225 %
KIS America X
September 20 2017238.17
September 19 2017237.8
Variation0,156 %