Kairos International Sicav - Emerging Markets

The Fund

Emerging Markets is a fund of funds of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests mainly on the Asian market.
The objective of the fund is to grow the capital over the medium-long term through investing in specialised funds in equity securities issued by emerging markets. 
KIS Emerging Markets is characterised by an active management style when it comes to exposure and geographical allocation according to opportunities and market context. 
The fund may be characterised as having a high foreign exchange risk.


Investment team

Kairos Investment Management Limited (UK).

KIS Emerging Markets D
September 20 2017144.81
September 19 2017144.35
Variation0,319 %
KIS Emerging Markets P
September 20 2017151.28
September 19 2017150.8
Variation0,318 %
KIS Emerging Markets P-USD
September 20 2017208.74
September 19 2017208.06
Variation0,327 %
KIS Emerging Markets X