Kairos International Sicav - Bond

The Fund

Bond is a flexible bonds sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests on the international bonds market.
The objective of the product is to obtain capital growth over the medium term through investment in debt securities from governmental and corporate issuers, chiefly ‘investment grade’.
The management style, total return, calls for a top-down approach that monitors the economic cycle, supplemented by a bottom-up analysis of issuers and issues.


Investment team

KIS Bond C
November 23 2017100.01
November 22 2017100
Variation0,010 %
KIS Bond D
November 23 2017124.79
November 22 2017124.79
Variation0,000 %
KIS Bond P
November 23 2017131.78
November 22 2017131.77
Variation0,008 %
November 23 2017183.74
November 22 2017183.72
Variation0,011 %
KIS Bond X
November 23 2017100.02
November 22 2017100.01
Variation0,010 %