Kairos International Sicav - Financial Income

The Fund

Financial Income is a flexible fixed income sub-fund of Kairos International Sicav who invests in the financial sector, focused on european market.   
The sub-fund aims to offer capital appreciation in the medium to long term.
Financial Income may invest in debt related instruments, contingent convertible instruments, hybrid securities , other subordinated debts and senior bonds; the investment minimum limit in securities issued by issuers of the financial sector is 50% .
The investment style is top-down and is supported by a careful bottom-up analysis of the issuer and the issue.


Investment team

KIS Financial Income C
September 21 2017101.18
September 20 2017101.22
Variation-0,040 %
KIS Financial Income P
September 21 2017101.23
September 20 2017101.28
Variation-0,049 %