Kairos International Sicav - Global Bond

The Fund 

Global Bond is a fund of funds of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests on the international bonds market.
The objective of the sub-fund is to grow the capital over the medium-long term through investing in funds that pursue fixed income and foreign exchange strategies. 
The active management strategy, free from any benchmark logic, focuses great attention on the relationship between expected return and risk of the instruments in the portfolio in an attempt to out-perform the classic bonds sector, but at a lower risk.


Investment team

Kairos Investment Management Limited (UK).

KIS Global Bond D
February 16 201897.42
February 15 201897.73
Variation-0,317 %
KIS Global Bond P
February 16 2018103.47
February 15 2018103.81
Variation-0,328 %
KIS Global Bond P-USD
February 16 2018146.4
February 15 2018146.87
Variation-0,320 %