Kairos International Sicav - Italia PIR

The Fund

Italy PIR, flexible equity sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, represents Kairos' proposal in the Individual Savings Plans segment.
KIS Italia PIR's portfolio is built around three asset classes, namely Equity Italia, Large Cap, Corporate Bonds and, in accordance with the 2017 Stability Act, respects the following investment limits:

  • at least 70% of the assets in financial instruments issued by Italian or European companies with a stable organization in Italy;
  • at least 21% of the assets in financial instruments issued by companies not listed on the FTSE Mib index.

The long-short, strongly active, management style aims to achieve positive results in the medium to long term with particular focus on risk mitigation.


Investment team

KIS Italia PIR P
November 23 201798.68
November 22 201798.55
Variation0,132 %
KIS Italia PIR Y
November 23 201799.59
November 22 201799.45
Variation0,141 %