Kairos International Sicav - Pentagon (ex Real Return)

The Fund

Pentagon (ex Real Return) is a flexible sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests in five unrelated asset classes.
The objective of the product is to obtain capital growth over the medium-long term through investment in liquid assets, chiefly in US dollars.
The sub-fund invests significantly in US equity securities; there may be some exposure to the US real estate, oil and gold markets. The remaining part of the portfolio may be invested in government securities.


Investment team

KIS Pentagon D (ex Real Return D)
November 23 201794.67
November 22 201794.67
Variation0,000 %
KIS Pentagon D-Dist (ex Real Return D-Dist)
November 23 201796.22
November 22 201796.21
Variation0,010 %
KIS Pentagon J (ex Real Return J)
November 23 201798.96
November 22 201798.95
Variation0,010 %
KIS Pentagon P (ex Real Return P)
November 23 201796.35
November 22 201796.34
Variation0,010 %
KIS Pentagon P-Dist (ex Real Return P-Dist)
February 20 2015100.32
February 19 2015100.23
Variation0,090 %
KIS Pentagon X (ex Real Return X)
November 23 2017101.11
November 22 2017101.1
Variation0,010 %