Kairos International Sicav - Risorgimento

The Fund

Risorgimento is an equity sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests on the Italian stock market.
The objective of the sub-fund is to grow the capital gradually over the medium-long term, seizing the opportunities offered by the inefficiencies in the Italian stock market.
The management team invests mainly in Italian businesses with a highly active style. The portfolio is invested entirely; the use of derivatives is envisaged for greater efficiency.


Investment team

KIS Risorgimento D
November 23 2017121.65
November 22 2017121.41
Variation0,198 %
KIS Risorgimento P
November 23 2017162.9
November 22 2017162.56
Variation0,209 %
KIS Risorgimento X
November 23 2017163.34
November 22 2017163
Variation0,209 %