Kairos International Sicav - World

The Fund

World is an equity sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests on the international stock market.
The objective of the sub-fund is to grow the capital gradually over the medium-long term, obtaining returns greater than the MSCI AC World Local Index used as a reference.
The management team constructs the Portfolio through active management of a selection of futures and by modifying exposure to various countries and sectors, as necessary.


Investment team

KIS World P
September 21 2017118.93
September 20 2017118.9
Variation0,025 %
KIS World X
September 21 2017118.54
September 20 2017118.51
Variation0,025 %
KIS World Y
September 21 2017117.51
September 20 2017117.48
Variation0,026 %