Here’s how to interpret (and tackle) the recent plummeting of the equity markets

February 06 2018
Equity markets don’t just go up, they can also fall along the way. The recent nosedives in the Stock Markets all over the world were a reminder to many who had forgotten this simple Stock Market rule, after years characterised by the absence of significant corrections and widespread rising underlying trends.

EuroHedge Awards 2017

EuroHedge Awards 2017
January 29 2018
Kairos Pegasus SA won two prestigious awards at the 17th edition of the EuroHedge Awards, one of the main annual events in the industry’s calendar, which was held on Tuesday, 24 January at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Kairos Pegasus SA, a reserved alternative investment fund which invests primarily in the European equity market, came first in the “Fund of the Year” and “European Equity – over $ 500m” categories, thanks to a return of 54.49% in 2017, compared to the benchmark (7.76%).

Kairos TOP Gestore Fondi Italia Medium

January 22 2018
On 22 January 2018, L’Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza (German Institute for Quality and Finance) - one of the European operators specialised in market surveys and comparative analysis of financial products, announced the asset management companies that have distinguished themselves for the quality of their offering. Kairos was declared TOP “Italia Medium” Fund Manager.

Equity, what to expect after the acceleration at the start of the year

January 10 2018
The acceleration of Wall Street at the start of the year, followed by the Italian Stock Exchange, was perhaps a surprise but it cannot be said that it was without justification.
Nor can it be put down to mere impetus. The fact that it was intense can obviously be explained within the typical context of low volumes in which it initially developed: the hint of a fresh acceleration in stock market indexes forced even the most sceptical investors to join the flow of purchases, amplifying the bull effect.

Citywire: KIS Bond Plus 1st out of 117 funds

December 21 2017
KIS Bond Plus ranked 1st out of 117 funds in the Global Bond category for the 5-year performance of 24.5% based on assessments by Citywire, an independent English publishing group specializing in the calculation of the rating of individual mutual fund managers.

Stock Market, another exciting year on the horizon

December 06 2017
The Italian share market reaches the finishing line at the end of 2017, having recorded some extremely positive factors which sustained its recovery. These include, in first place, increased Italian GDP above the expectations, a sign that the industrial fabric is in generally good health.

Perform by investing in the italian stock market

November 14 2017

Massimo Trabattoni - Head of Italian Equity of Kairos Group - is  top performing fund manager in the “Mixed Assets” sector and 4th top performing fund manager in the “European Country Equities” sectors  in the Euro Stars classification of CityWire.

These results have been achieved thanks to KIS Target Italy Alpha and KIS Risorgimento respectively.

Kairos Group promotes KIS Financial Income

November 13 2017
Kairos Group has expanded its offering with a flexible and thematic bond sub-fund: KIS Financial Income. In a market context characterized by bank recapitalization, economic cycles in recovery and rising rates, opportunities are opening for investors who want to invest in alternative instruments.

Rally of Italian shares still has some gas left

November 08 2017
The upward movement in the Italian Stock Exchange has not stopped in the last few weeks. Which has certainly not been a surprise, in fact. The season of the quarterlies, with the bulk arriving in the last few days, is providing, as expected, a boost to the Italian stock exchange list, with a significant contribution from the oil sector. A positive factor.