Meeting for young people: "Ideas and investments for your future"

April 15 2016
On Wednesday, April 6, nearly 400 18- to 30-year-olds participated in the Kairos event for young people at the Milan Triennale: the meeting brought them together and gave them the chance to learn from successful business stories while reflecting on the professional opportunities of tomorrow.

Banks are still seen with caution while utilities and regulated businesses stand out

April 13 2016
Markets had an immediate euphoric response to news of the mixed measure involving CDP (Italy’s publicly owned savings and loan company), foundations and banks on which the government is working to prop up the banking industry. However, we should be wary of labeling the rally of the past few days a definitive turnaround.

KAIROS and U‐START, forge a partnership

April 08 2016
April 6, 2016 saw the formalization of the partnership between Kairos and U-Start, a business initiative to match tech start-ups with digital investors internationally.
Indeed, the Kairos Group’s holding company subscribed U-Start’s 5% capital increase. Next, U-Start Advisor SIM, a stock brokerage company, will be set up and sign a distribution agreement with Kairos’ stock brokerage company. 

Premio Alto Rendimento 2015

Premio Alto Rendimento 2015
March 16 2016
At the 18th annual Premio Alto Rendimento ceremony, the Kairos Multi-Strategy Class A Fund was named best multi-manager hedge fund in the Italian fund category.

Keep cautious as we wait for Draghi

Rimanete cauti, aspettando Draghi
March 03 2016
Piazza Affari, as the Italian Stock Exchange is known, was able to catch its breath for a few days, but only because it fell too much and too quickly in the preceding weeks. Before we see the market take off again, some of the clouds on the macroeconomic front that continue to guide investors’ sentiment will need to scatter:

Investment scenarios and prospects

Scenari e proposte d'investimento
February 03 2016
Kairos recently held its annual event for clients at the Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan. Paolo Basilico, Chairman and CEO, noted that, in the difficult year just ended and complicated start of 2016, Kairos confirmed its ability to protect its clients’ assets by pursuing an effective defense strategy.

A Look at Emerging Countries

A Look at Emerging Countries
December 22 2015
Having just returned from a trip to Asia, Moreno Tatangelo, senior analyst at Kairos, discusses local sentiment and provides a cross section of potential investment areas.

Yet More Awards for the Group

Ancora Awards per il Gruppo Kairos
December 01 2015

The Kairos success story continues.

Once again confirming its excellence in asset management, which has been recognized not only in Italy but internationally as well, Kairos was awarded at Hedge Funds Review’s annual event recognizing the best funds of hedge funds in Europe.

The awards ceremony was held in London on November 19.

The Group was called to the stage to accept two awards: