Nobel prize winner Shiller speaks at the 2015 Kairos convention

January 28 2015

Management approaches, products, projects, results and an interesting, multi-faceted view of global economic and geopolitical scenarios were discussed at Kairos’ annual “Scenari e proposte di investimento” convention held in Milan on 26 January. Again in 2015, the convention provided another occasion to look back at the year just ended and towards the future with a major voice in the international community’s economic and financial debate. Indeed, Kairos Group Chairman and CEO, Paolo Basilico, shared the stage with Robert J.

Kairos, player in global challenge

January 23 2015

Fabio Bariletti, General Manager of Kairos, with a brilliant record as manager of funds of funds, recently received Hedge Funds Review’s award for outstanding contribution to the fund of funds industry over the course of his career. Bariletti attributes the award to the success of Kairos, which over fifteen years has unfailingly demonstrated its ability to interpret the expressed and unexpressed needs of its clients and to anticipate market trends.

Kairos Multi-Strategy named Best Fund of the Year

January 12 2015

2014 might be behind us but it is a year to remember for Kairos Multi-Strategy. Indeed, in 2013 and 2014, the Kairos catalogue’s absolute return fund boasted total net returns of 20% (class I) and low volatility, while its benchmark (the HFRX Global Hedge Fund index in Euro) reported only +5.2% in the same period.

These results made Kairos Multi-Strategy the best multi-strategy fund and best fund of the year according to the prestigious Hedge Funds Review, which every year picks and awards the best and most innovative products on the market.

Pegasus, Kairos’ latest financial innovation

January 07 2015

“A new strategy from one of the most historic hedge fund companies” is how Hedge Fund Intelligence, a journal specialized in Europe’s most notable hedge funds, introduces Pegasus, Kairos’ new investment product boasting +44% since its launch at the start of the year.

The article delves into the strategies and investments and provides information on the fund, noting how innovation is in this European hedge fund pioneer’s DNA.

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The new India

December 15 2014

India’s current political climate is vibrant, its consumption on the rise; it is a huge country distinguished by its countless contradictions: after a recent trip to Asia, Kairos analyst Moreno Tatangelo focuses on India’s economic and financial context under Modi, who, enjoying a broad electoral consensus, has undertaken ambitious reforms.


New Delhi has brought about so much change in 2014… what do financial operators think about it?

China opens up further and begins another round of QE

November 26 2014

We are seeing confirmation from various sources and an important change in institutional investors’ choices in China. Returning from a key financial conference on Asia, Kairos managers report the feeling that the main themes in managers’ portfolios remain those connected to consumption, the Internet, the environment, training and healthcare, but interest in the railway sector has grown as well. As if the many projects to be built at home were not enough, China’s major companies have started bidding in international tenders and meeting with success.

KIS Real Return and Kairos’ golden rules

November 10 2014

“We are also working on a new product, a multi-asset absolute return fund, which aims to generate a positive real return and therefore protect our investors’ capital in a scenario of higher interest rates and inflation.”

KIS Real Return, protecting capital

October 30 2014

True to its original spirit of innovation and the relentless search for opportunities in the overall market context, this November 4th, Kairos will launch KIS Real Return, “a product aimed at achieving positive real returns and therefore protecting the purchasing power of capital from rises in interest rates and inflation.” This is how Fabio Bariletti

The US remains promising

bandiera usa
October 23 2014

A stormy climate has dominated markets over the past few days, which this is precisely why, pausing to reflect on the widespread agitation, we unearth ideas that help us decide what our next few moves should be, according to Michele Gesualdi, head of the Kairos multi-manager fund management team that focuses in particular on the strategies adopted for KIS America

Kairos celebrates its first 15 years

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September 30 2014

On September 29th, clients, partners, reporters and countless friends crowded the new Kairos offices on Via San Prospero, in the heart of Milan. Hundreds of guests gathered for the official housewarming of the Group’s new headquarters, which opened its doors to those for whom the Group’s 140 + resources work every day.

This “open house” coincided with the fifteenth anniversary of the business which, established in 1999, has grown over the years and now operates around the world with offices on major international financial markets.