The Kairos conference, the right time

November 13 2013

An impressive audience of over 500 guests, including pre-eminent figures in the business and professional sectors, an analysis of the present scenario and an assessment of what is to come, to help us understand the world we live in and where we should be heading. In addition, the internationally renowned winner of the Nobel prize for Economics, Joseph Stiglitz. All this and much more at the Scenari e proposte di investimento conference on scenarios and investment ideas that Kairos Julius Baer held the evening of November 11 in Milan.

Focus on the UK

November 04 2013

The situation in the UK is still positive although not extraordinarily bullish: This is, in brief, the analysis provided by Kairos Partners managers upon their return from a series of meetings with UK funds.

Quarterly Results around the Corner

October 29 2013

Kairos Partners managers are busy at work, as in addition to their daily monitoring of investments and ongoing evaluation of new investment opportunities, they are also involved in reporting season activities.

Focus Asia

October 25 2013

Ever receptive to analyze economic and political situations in order to take advantage of new investment opportunities, Kairos managers are just back from one of their frequent trips to Asia. Together with local managers, they explored and discussed the prospects of the various countries that make up one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world, and first and foremost those to be found in China.

Financial innovation

October 16 2013

“Kairos is a top quality player, successfully presiding over extremely interesting investment niches and integrating perfectly with major international investment banks”. These are the thoughts and very positive first impressions of Livio Dalle, Senior Portfolio Manager with Kairos Partners since July of this year.

The shutdown does not frighten investors

October 10 2013

These days one of the most talked about issues in the financial world is undoubtedly the stand-off in the United States, i.e., the chance that the world’s greatest economic power will default at the hands of its closest enemy: itself. All fingers point to the Republicans or, more precisely, the group of radical Republicans known as the Tea Party, who, in order to block Obamacare (the healthcare reform that it is presently taking effect), are preventing a debt ceiling agreement from being reached.

The Bel Paese is back

October 04 2013

Italy is an attractive market. This is news in and of itself, but it is even more noteworthy considering that the country’s crisis is far from over, its political situation remains highly uncertain and much of its macroeconomic data continues to be negative. Nonetheless, Italy presents sound opportunities for returns, and Massimo Trabattoni, manager of the Kairos International Sicav, knows it well. He describes a bona fide structural change sweeping the international landscape.

The year end on markets

September 26 2013

Syria, China and the United States. International relations, crises that have only been postponed and others on the horizon, history that has been written and history that is yet to come and from which we sometimes learn. Thoughts and views that Alessandro Fugnoli, a Kairos Partners strategist, has compiled in an extensive article published in the monthly “Uomini & Mercati”.

Market reaction to the German elections

September 23 2013

After the Fed’s surprise last week, the German elections have now had their say as well, ending with a clear-cut victory for the CDU/CSU.

Although the results are an affirmation of Angela Merkel, they were disappointing for the FDP, a partner in the outgoing coalition, meaning it will take longer for the new government to assemble. Indeed, without a natural partner, an agreement will need to be reached for a new grosse koalition, most likely with Peer Steinbruck’s SPD.