Fugnoli's outlook

foto per fugnoli
October 22 2015

In recent years, markets have been predictable, and the dominant influence of central banks has set the course of equity, bond and currency markets, while reducing volatility. But things changed in August….

We discussed these trends with Alessandro Fugnoli, Kairos Strategist.


Since August, the market seems to be veering towards uncertainty and greater volatility… What brought this on?

Domestic businesses are today’s winners

Oggi vincono i business domestici
September 29 2015

This is the title that Milano Finanza gave to a recent interview with Massimo Trabattoni, Italian Equity Manager at Kairos. “This is a good time for markets, especially in Italy: macroeconomic indicators show signs of recovery and growth forecasts have been revised upwards, so we are seeing rising interest even from foreign investors,” he said.

Then you can start

Dopo si potrà ripartire
August 26 2015

Healthy optimism for Alessandro Fugnoli, strategist at Kairos, who comments on the situation on the markets in recent days to Milano Finanza.

Chinese instability Chinese, slowed European economy, generous assessments for the American Stock Exchange, poor global growth: these are the protagonists of the scenario in which the market correction is to be considered natural. It opens the curtain for new investment opportunities, to be evaluated with due caution.

Turin hosts the Kairos “Scenari e proposte di investimento” conference

foto Torino
June 15 2015

After stops in Milan and Rome, on June 9,  the “Scenari e proposte di investimento” conference travelled to Turin, where it was held in a sophisticated lounge setting.

The event was hosted by Paolo Olivieri, Head of Kairos Advisory Services and the Turin offices, pleased to have brought the Kairos conference to the city he calls home.

The City awards Kairos yet again

Kairos ancora sul podio nella City
June 09 2015
Kairos’ success continues in the international arena. At the 15th Annual European Single Manager Awards 2015, held in London on 21th May, the company was the proud recipient of three important awards.

Positives on the Chinese market

foto cina
June 05 2015
Just back from a trip to Asia, Moreno Tatangelo, Kairos senior analyst, tells us about his experiences talking directly with asset managers active on Asian markets.

Kairos gains three positions in the April funding ranking

May 29 2015

Rising from number 12 to number 9, Kairos joins Italy’s top 10 asset management companies ranked by net funding in April.

Indeed, Assogestioni recently published a map of the asset management industry for April, a monthly report summarising market performance in Italy.

Asset management products are enjoying a particularly successful period, as not only the big names in the sector contribute to performance.

The US economy and its opportunities

foto america
May 14 2015

Upon his return from a trip to the United States, Michele Gesualdi, Kairos manager and partner, shares his notes from thought-provoking discussions with a handful of American managers. While the general feeling is that economic stability and high valuations are stuck in a tug of war, from a structural standpoint, the economy gets a good bill of health, with growth realistically forecast at around 2% for the next quarter.


A quick glance at equities and credit

Spotlight on Kairos

May 05 2015

An opportunity to talk about the Kairos group and tell its story and achievements.

The prize-giving of Kairos Pegasus* at the Euro Hedge Awards 2014, ceremony reserved for the best funds in the European hedge industry, held in London in January, offered the opportunity to open the curtain on Kairos.