Kairos gains three positions in the April funding ranking

May 29 2015

Rising from number 12 to number 9, Kairos joins Italy’s top 10 asset management companies ranked by net funding in April.

Indeed, Assogestioni recently published a map of the asset management industry for April, a monthly report summarising market performance in Italy.

Asset management products are enjoying a particularly successful period, as not only the big names in the sector contribute to performance.

The US economy and its opportunities

foto america
May 14 2015

Upon his return from a trip to the United States, Michele Gesualdi, Kairos manager and partner, shares his notes from thought-provoking discussions with a handful of American managers. While the general feeling is that economic stability and high valuations are stuck in a tug of war, from a structural standpoint, the economy gets a good bill of health, with growth realistically forecast at around 2% for the next quarter.


A quick glance at equities and credit

Spotlight on Kairos

May 05 2015

An opportunity to talk about the Kairos group and tell its story and achievements.

The prize-giving of Kairos Pegasus* at the Euro Hedge Awards 2014, ceremony reserved for the best funds in the European hedge industry, held in London in January, offered the opportunity to open the curtain on Kairos.

“Scenarios and Proposals for Investments” in the capital city

cover convegno
April 20 2015

After the event in Milan, Kairos chose Rome as the venue of a convention entitled “Scenarios and Proposals for Investments”, held in the capital of Italy on 14 April: an opportunity to take stock of its 15-year history together with its Rome-based customers.

Paolo Basilico, President and CEO of the Group, who acted as host of the event, opened his address recalling Kairos’s philosophy: strong focus on portfolio returns through a management approach mindful of risks and volatility.

Alessandro Fugnoli's market view

April 07 2015

Kairos strategist Alessandro Fugnoli gave the opening remarks at Citywire, an event for fund selectors held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan on March 31, 2015. Fugnoli shared his view of the market with participants, including what he believes will be the implications for investors and their portfolios.

Kairos at Salone del Risparmio

Salone del Risparmio
March 19 2015

Kairos asset managers Rocco Bove (Fixed Income) and Massimo Trabattoni (Equity) will be the keynote speakers at a conference* scheduled for 26 March at the Salone del Risparmio.

The Salone, an annual event organized by Assogestioni and hosted again this year at Università Bocconi of Milan, is a unique opportunity for members of the investment community to network with other market players, share experiences, enhance their expertise and discuss themes concerning the asset management industry.

Kairos Multi-Strategy recognized at the Mondo Alternative Awards 2015

February 17 2015

The Mondo Alternative Awards 2015 have named Kairos Multi-Strategy Classe A the best fund of hedge funds in 2014 in terms of performance (5.78% over the 12 months) and Sharpe ratio, in addition to recognizing the fund for its three-year returns. A success that Michele Gesualdi, a Kairos manager, believes is due to the strong results achieved thanks to all of the management strategies adopted. After being named the best, Gesualdi is now looking to the future with optimism, and commented: “Next year we expect particularly attractive results from our long-short equity strategies.”

Kairos’ alternative approach

February 03 2015

 “Lombard”, the international financial magazine that has always found its way to the desks of decision makers and business people, recently profiled the Made-in-Italy boutique investment company from all angles. “The path that Basilico [Chairman and CEO of the Kairos Group] has taken foresees rising to exceptional standards with an independent model that is highly specialized in one business only: managing the wealth of HNWI and institutional investors “.

Nobel prize winner Shiller speaks at the 2015 Kairos convention

January 28 2015

Management approaches, products, projects, results and an interesting, multi-faceted view of global economic and geopolitical scenarios were discussed at Kairos’ annual “Scenari e proposte di investimento” convention held in Milan on 26 January. Again in 2015, the convention provided another occasion to look back at the year just ended and towards the future with a major voice in the international community’s economic and financial debate. Indeed, Kairos Group Chairman and CEO, Paolo Basilico, shared the stage with Robert J.