Investment Advisory
December 30 2016

The Investment Advisory Service is an active advisory service, proposed on managed accounts, to benefit from the value created by the best strategies and products selected by Kairos.
The Advisory service can be either Dynamic or Strategic:

Dynamic Advisory Service

  • Focus on individual securities and representative issuers of the suggested sector/region/asset class (fundamental analysis/bottom-up)
  • Investment in individual securities
  • For short-term investments
  • Meant for who needs an accurate guide in the activity of stock picking/trading

Strategic Advisory Service (by A. Fugnoli)

  • Strategic and top-down vision of the house
  • Recommendations of indices, ETFs and funds selected by asset class/markets
  • For medium and long term investments             
  • Meant for who wants to continue to be the in charge of its investment decisions, but needs reasoned interpretation of the macroeconomic framework