The co-operation between Kairos and Engadine represents the opportunity for both companies to enhance their businesses in London.

Engadine Partners LLP is an independent partnership based in London. Founded in 2016 by Marcello Sallusti, the firm is a discretionary investment manager to professional clients. The firm is regulated by the FCA.

Engadine provides investment management and advisory services to client funds, comprising mainly US institutional investors, and specialises in long-short equity products with a European focus.
The main strategy features are:

  • European-bias derived from the investment team’s deep local market experience investing across geographies and sectors;
  • Bottom up, research driven investment approach;
  • The equity long/short strategy, deploys capital via a high conviction long book driven by intense fundamental company analysis, complemented by an absolute return short book of single name securities, augmented with opportunistic index hedging;
  • Capacity-constrained strategy allows a broad opportunity set to build a high conviction portfolio across market caps, with a focus on the $2-20bn range predominantly.

To learn more, please read the Press Release, issued on June 14, 2021 anticipating the partnership.