Our history

The Oliver Twist Foundation pursues social solidarity and charitable aims with a view towards helping children, teens and young adults who are underprivileged, socially disadvantaged or suffer from behavioral disorders. Our reputation of transparency, pragmatism and accountability has helped make the Foundation a point of reference in Italy.

“The London portrayed by Dickens is a gloomy, hard place, where young people only experience abuse and loneliness and have very little hope. It seems like an ancient, far-off, almost fairytale place, thanks to this extraordinary writer’s ability with the written word, yet when we look at the reality of today we see that little has changed for many young people, even though our surroundings are so very different. Feelings of loneliness are even more entrenched, and often leave young people without solutions that make facing the difficulties and sacrifices of life worthwhile.

This is the striking relevance found in the works of Dickens and what has provided the inspiration for our Foundation, which aims to provide the young people who cross our path with concrete, committed and encouraging solutions. Actions and not just words, implemented with commitment on a daily basis. If we’ve learnt one thing over the years it’s that it is possible to create this solution, and there’s no greater incentive for continuing, especially during what is such a difficult period for the country.”

Paolo Basilico, Chairman of the Foundation

Since its inception in 2005, the Foundation has created and managed more than 40 projects, helping more than 4,500 children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or with personal/educational issues. In particular, since 2015, the Foundation has continued its social commitment by financing projects conceived and managed by our partners through partnership agreements.


The Foundation has been very active over the years, supporting a wide range of initiatives that have met with widespread approval and given great satisfaction.  Such endeavors include sports, art, music and theater labs, psychological counselling services, job placement labs, a children’s museum, a multi-functional center for minors and families, various summer activities for minors living in residential care facilities.


Projects archive

Corporate governance

Chairman: Paolo Basilico

Legal representative of the Foundation.
He convenes and chairs the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:

Governing body that establishes guidelines and initiative priorities.

Paolo Basilico, Director
Guido M. Brera, Director
Paolo Olivieri, Director
Irene Cervellera, Director
Maria Grazia Figini, Director
Sabrina Goi, Treasurer

Board of Statutory Auditors:

Foundation’s technical/accounting body.

Francesco Di Carlo, Chairman
Damiano Zazzeron
Umberto Ambrosoli

Support us

Board of Directors:

The credibility of our Foundation is built on complete transparency, a professional, pragmatic approach, and accountability. Oliver Twist has long-term experience in the field of juvenile hardship. Your contribution will help our youngsters to become independent adults and positive and vital members of the community.



For companies, the sum donated to the Oliver Twist Foundation can be deducted from business income up to 2% of taxable income.


For individuals, the sum donated to the Oliver Twist Foundation can be deducted from total income up to 10% of taxable income and with a maximum limit of € 70,000.


To donate directly online using your credit card or via a Paypal account, click the button below. You will be redirected to the Paypal site to make your donation.

  • To 5 per 1000

    the tax code of Oliver Twist is 97415590153

  • By bank transfer

    account no. 12630 in the name of Fondazione Oliver Twist Onlus – ABI 05048 – CAB 01601 – held at Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria (IBAN IT38J0504801601000000012630)

  • By check

    made out to Fondazione Oliver Twist Onlus (not transferable) and sent to Fondazione Oliver Twist Onlus, via S. Prospero 2 – 20121 Milan Italy

Contact us

To receive information about our activities contact us at the following address:

Fondazione Oliver Twist Onlus
Via San Prospero, 2
20121 Milan
T +39 02 77 718 1
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