The growing focus on sustainability issues is changing the investment sector and redefining its objectives: to create value and to contribute to the well-being of everyone, future generations included.

Kairos considers ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria to be crucial for a modern and efficient investment model. For this reason, it chose to create a range of ESG products with which it hopes to actively direct investments towards sustainability, continuing to pursue the goal of increasing the value of its customers’ assets. It seeks to do this from a perspective of continuity and capital preservation, contributing day in and day out to building a more equitable world.


Kairos International Sicav ActivESG is the Kairos solution for sustainable and socially responsible investment. It is one of the Italian market’s first long/short ESG products , that mainly invests in European mid- and large-cap equities, seeking to offer medium- to long-term capital appreciation with lower volatility than the reference market.

Portfolio building is based on a transparent three-step process:

  1. the Management Team applies three selective ESG filters to the investment world consisting of all European mid- and large-cap companies, and this analysis provides investment ideas (long and short);

The selective ESG filters applied by Kairos exclude:

companies in certain sectors, such as arms, tobacco and coal, and those incompatible with the UN Global Compact principles
businesses with a higher controversy risk,
according to the Sustainalytics* rating scale
firms with unsatisfactory ESG ratings or ratings that cannot be classified based on evaluations by Sustainalytics*
* Sustainalytics is one of the main independent and international ESG ratings agencies. Kairos uses its support for ESG research.

  1. using the Stoxx Europe 600 ESG-X** index as a starting point, and thanks to the support of its own financial valuation models, the Management Team conducts a careful quantitative analysis in order to define the model portfolio (long);
  2. the model portfolio, alongside the investment ideas mentioned previously, will undergo an in-depth fundamental analysis process to define KIS ActivESG.

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KIS ActivESG meets the demands of customers who are conscious of ESG issues. Customers can also count on the expertise of Kairos in fundamental analysis and, therefore, in its ability to select stocks, as well as in the alternative management methods that make up the Group’s DNA.


Kairos decided to entrust ActivESG to a management team which includes Riccardo Valeri, Portfolio Manager specialised in the European equities market, Massimiliano Comità, Co-Portfolio Manager, who has managed customised portfolios for years and has a decade of risk management experience, and Sabino Delfino, Co-Portfolio Manager with extensive experience in quantitative analysis and risk management.

Riccardo Valeri - Kairos
Riccardo Valeri
Portfolio Manager
Massimiliano Comità - Kairos
Massimiliano Comità
Co-Portfolio Manager
Sabino Delfino
Sabino Delfino
Co-Portfolio Manager
Principles for responsible Investment

The Kairos Group is a signatory of PRI, the United Nations initiative which encourages the integration of ESG principles into asset management and investment decisions.

Firma - Kairos

‘ensign’ is the iconic emblem of the responsible commitment of Kairos towards a better world and its conviction that sustainable development is the business model of the future which must be implemented now.

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