KIS Climate Change ESG is an equity fund of the Luxembourg-registered Kairos International Sicav that invests both in companies offering innovative solutions to combat climate change and facilitate the energy transition, and companies that can benefit from management of the physical effects of climate change.

The goal of the fund is to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation, focusing on mid- and large-cap companies with global operations, promoting ESG criteria.

There is an active management style with a bottom-up approach based on fundamental analysis and aligned with the macro vision of the manager. The investment process begins with evaluation of the investment sphere at a global level until a portfolio of around 40-50 stocks is identified.

Identity card


Directional equity fund denominated in Euro

Management style

Active, characterised by qualitative analysis and a bottom-up approach

Investment universe

Focused on listed stocks of companies providing solutions to mitigate climate change risk or manage its physical effects, adopting ESG logic


Achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation

Level of risk
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Selling points

For those choosing to participate in the next technological and industrial revolution, necessary for success in the fight against climate change: a transition that will profoundly change both the way we produce and the way we live
For those looking for an actively managed global investment capable of pursuing complex, harmonised strategies, exceeding the natural limits imposed by passive investment instruments
Global strategy
For those who wish to put their faith in a manager with significant, proven experience as a private investor and executive in sectors that are key to understanding climate dynamics and problems linked to environmental sustainability
Track record and expertise