Kairos Pegasus S.A. awarded at the Euro Hedge Prizegiving

25 January 2019
For the second consecutive year, Kairos Pegasus S.A. has been on the podium at the 18th edition of the prestigious EuroHedge Awards ceremony in the Long Term Performance (5 Years) - Equity Strategies category.

Italian Market: Caution Approaching New Purchase Opportunities

15 January 2019
The last two weeks of December 2018 have seen the Italian government reach an agreement with the European Union regarding its deficit/GDP ratio, offering relief to the Italian government and therefore to the spread.

A volatile 2019 with the stand-off between Rome and Brussels and the EU elections

13 December 2018
We have reached the end of an extremely complicated year, in which hefty issues like the trade war and the stand-off between Italy and the EU have respectively affected global and domestic performance.