Inspiring Next Generations:
Kairos for Educational Model Stock Exchange

19 April 2021

As a demonstration of the commitment with which it carries out the integration of sustainability principles in its business model, Kairos promotes EMSE (Educational Model Stock Exchange), a financial training project conceived by Associazione Diplomatici, an NGO with special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. For years, the association has been preparing students from all over the world on current issues and international careers, also giving them the opportunity to participate in international forums organized in prestigious institutional settings.

For Kairos, this is a first “pilot project” within a broader program of EnSiGn initiatives in support of the new generations, aimed at guiding them in stimulating educational paths, which can inspire them and from which they can therefore draw effective ideas along the process of defining their own educational and professional career.

It is with this objective that Kairos has decided to support the EMSE Global Market & Geopolitics Lab through its contribution to the various virtual masterclasses that make up the educational program, providing insights by its team of experts.

The course, open to high school and university students from all over the world between the ages of 16 and 28, through simple and accessible teaching, will offer an overview of the markets, main operators and financial instruments. Great space will be given to critical analysis to understand the complexity of financial dynamics in the globalization of markets, capturing the bilateral relationship between macroeconomic and financial dynamics and global cultural, political and social changes.

With the support of partners such as Kairos and with the contribution of the main international training organizations, journalists and diplomats, EMSE provides its members with a theoretical and practical program, based on the “learning by doing” method with the aim of developing and encouraging participation and education for active citizenship and facilitate understanding of the complex dynamics that rule the world.


For registration or detailed information on the educational program of the course, please visit the following link:

All information relating to the activity of Associazione Diplomatici is available on the website