7 October 2019
Team Fixed Income di Kairos - KIS USD Bond

The Kairos Group has expanded its offer with a bond sub-fund denominated in Dollars: Kairos International Sicav USD Bond.

In a challenging financial market environment, finding new sources of return becomes increasingly challenging. The tensions linked to the trade war between the United States and China and the data of 2019 that confirm a general slowdown in the world economy, have led the Central Banks to adopt increasingly accommodating attitudes, operating with the aim of supporting economic growth.

The decision to reduce interest rates, taken first by the Fed and then by the ECB, while on the one hand has the advantage of reducing the cost of money and consequently the cost of debt, on the other makes it unattractive to invest in bonds, especially denominated in Euro.

So what can be done to find new investment opportunities in the bond sector?

Kairos, always attentive to market dynamics and with the aim of finding new opportunities for returns in the folds of financial instruments, adds a new element to the product range in the bond segment with the USD Bond sub-fund denominated in US Dollars.

KIS USD Bond allows you to:

  • diversify the investment portfolio denominated in Euro and Eurocentric by inserting underlying assets denominated in Dollars of non-European issuers;
  • move to the Dollar area interest rate curve, which is significantly higher than the same curve in the Euro area, thus offering investors interesting opportunities for returns.

The USD Bond sub-fund of Kairos International Sicav was created to comply the need to diversify the asset allocation, representing a real alternative to liquidity, and to take advantage of the differential of the official discount rate between Europe and America.

The active management style, oriented towards obtaining absolute returns, will combine macroeconomic analysis with careful investment selection based on the interpretation of the economic cycle, together with a selection of individual securities. KIS USD Bond is designed to offer capital appreciation in the short to medium term (2-3 years).

The management team, with consolidated experience in the bond segment, is managed by Rocco Bove, Head of Fixed Income, supported by Portfolio Managers Andrea Ponti and Giulio Pesenti. The team, already responsible for the KIS Bond, KIS Bond Plus, KIS Financial Income and KIS Pentagon sub-funds, stands out on the market for its strongly active and flexible management style.