Kairos is member of the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum

5 October 2021
Kairos is member of the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum

Since September 2021, Kairos Partners SGR joined of the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum: the non profit association which has the mission of promoting the knowledge and practice of sustainable investment, with the aim of spreading the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) in financial products and processes. In fact, according to the association, SRI (Sustainable and Responsible Investment) is a tool capable of influencing the economic development model to make it more consistent with the principles of sustainability.

By participating in the Forum, Kairos will be able to enrich its knowledge and skills on the ESG matter through studies on the impact of finance on the social, environmental and economic context and participate in project activities and initiatives on sustainable finance issues, such as the Italian SRI Week. The aim is to add value to corporate strategies and processes already oriented to the ESG approach, contributing to the dissemination of the culture of sustainability.

This initiative is a further step of the EnSiGn process of integrating sustainability criteria into the company. Kairos firmly believes in the importance of a responsible management philosophy, which takes into account the long-term implications in investment decisions and directs capital towards activities that, in addition to generating performance, at the same time create useful value for society. For Kairos there is no future without responsibility: its business model enhances the daily commitment to all stakeholders, society and the environment.


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