Kairos Joins the TNFD Forum

9 November 2023
TNFD forum member logo

On November 3, 2023, Kairos joined the TNFD Forum, a multidisciplinary advisory group of companies, regulators, institutions, and intergovernmental organizations from around the world that shares the mission and principles of the TNFD (Task Force on Nature-based Financial Disclosures).

The TNFD is an initiative supported by national governments, businesses, and global financial institutions that aims to create a framework of shared recommendations and guidelines that will enable companies to properly assess the risks and opportunities associated with the use of natural resources, integrating such information into strategic planning, risk management, and resource allocation processes. Ultimately, the goal of the TNFD is to support a shift in global financial flows towards environmental sustainability.

“Kairos’s membership in the Forum is a concrete step in support of the taskforce’s initiatives, which have done an enormous amount of work to raise awareness on this issue,” said Oriana Bastianelli, Head of Analyst and ESG. “Kairos is committed to working with the other members of the Forum on research and development activities, and to promoting the dissemination of the guidelines, supporting the transition to a more resilient and sustainable economy.”

Kairos has a long history of commitment to sustainability. Joining the TNFD Forum is a further step in that journey.