Kairos launches “EnSiGn for inclusion” a new program of activities and initiatives aimed at diversity and inclusion matters

13 December 2021

Kairos Partners SGR confirms its ESG commitment with the launch of “EnSiGn FOR INCLUSION”, a new program of initiatives and projects aimed at promoting principles of accessibility and social inclusion.

“EnSiGn FOR INCLUSION” comes two years after the launch of “EnSiGn”, the symbol of Kairos’ ESG commitment to create a better world, in the conviction that sustainable development is the business model of the future to be implemented today.

The first initiative in the name of “accessibility” targets blind and visually impaired people – a community large in numbers and distributed throughout the country (according to ISTAT estimates, 3% of the Italian population, i.e. between 1.7 million and 2 million are subject to visual impairment, of which at least 2.3% are severely visually impaired, while 0.3% are totally blind) – and starts from a fundamental assumption: “READING THESE WORDS IS A PRIVILEGE”.

Kairos is therefore working to ensure that the bidding and reporting documentation related to Discretionary Mandates service is properly accessible through the application of assistive technologies and voice reading software.

The project, realized in partnership with Fondazione Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano Onlus and with the support of the communications agency Red Point, is just only at its beginning and involves a series of following steps aimed at overcoming those barriers that today, thanks to the development of new technologies, can be defeated.

This project is aligned with the other digital initiatives that Kairos is already carrying on, such as the launch of the “Ad Alto Volume” channel: an offer of podcasts dedicated to investment issues and financial markets, i.e. analyses and in-depth analysis in audio format available on the Kairos website and on the main platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spreaker.

Alberto Castelli, CEO of Kairos has commented: “We wanted this project because we firmly believe in the importance of a responsible business management: today, an asset manager plays a social role which goes beyond the focus on performance and long-term effects of investment choices. Our commitment must therefore go further, and even starting with small steps we can concretely contribute to create a better future for our country, the community, the environment and future generations living conditions. We chose to dedicate to a project that involves a large number of people, which is higher than we might think: overcoming those barriers that prevent people with visual impairments from accessing the information that would allow them to make their investment choices in total autonomy. “EnSiGn for INCLUSION” stems from the desire to transform what today are still privileges for some individuals into a condition of normality for all, pursuing the objective of greater accessibility of our services and products”.