Kairos Multi-Strategy is among the best investment funds

8 January 2021

In the Annuario dell’investitore 2021 on the asset management industry, Milano Finanza has selected the Kairos Multi-Strategy fund from over 15 thousand investment instruments, thus making it one of the best hedge funds with a 5-year performance of 9.63%.

In 2020 alone, however, Kairos Multi-Strategy made a gain of over 15%, the best annual result produced by the Fund in its twenty-year history. The Management Team, thanks to the investment choices implemented in the second half of 2019 and the flexibility in moving the portfolio exposure, managed to protect the capital in an excellent way during the market correction phase in the first quarter of 2020. Having been able to navigate the heavy correction of the markets without significant losses allowed the Team, when the extent of the effort of the Central Banks and Governments aimed at protecting and curbing the huge losses was clear, to be able to play offensive riding the recovery of the indices from spring onwards. This allowed the managed portfolios to significantly beat the reference indices, maintaining a very conservative equity exposure and a volatility well below that of the markets.

“We believe this is the beginning of a multi-year trend for alternative investments, especially if managed in the context of a diversified and flexible allocation as in the case of Kairos Multi-Strategy. In our opinion, the fund represents an excellent tool for obtaining uncorrelated returns from equities and bonds in a context of extreme economic uncertainty and zero or even negative interest rates”, comments Mario Unali, Portfolio Manager.

Kairos, which has always been a leader in Hedge Funds, confirms the goodness of the choice in proposing investment solutions capable of generating alpha even in rather complex market contexts such as the one we are experiencing.