Kairos supports the Francesca Rava Foundation in responding to the Ukrainian emergency

14 April 2022

In this particular historical moment, Kairos has decided to respond to the call of the Francesca Rava Foundation – N.P.H. ITALIA Onlus, with a donation aimed at the purchase of machinery and medical equipment, in order to support Ukrainian pediatric hospitals and the first line, where the number of injured is growing by the hour.

The mission of the Foundation is to intervene in conditions of hardship in Italy and in the world, through projects and voluntary activities: also in this case, it turned on from the first moments in the conflict areas , making itself a spokes entity for the urgent need in the context of the sanitary emergency.

For several weeks it has been organizing shipments of basic necessities, medical supplies and surgical equipment to Ukraine. To date, the Foundation has sent 13 convoys with 180 tons of aid, and others are leaving in the coming days.


For further information on the initiative, please visit the Foundation’s website.

For anyone wishing to donate with us https://dona.nph-italia.org/