KIS Bond Plus team wins at Citywire Italia Awards 2022

2 December 2022

Rocco Bove, Head of Fixed Income, and Andrea Ponti, Senior Portfolio Manager, stood out as the best Fund managers in the Bonds – Global High Yield category with the KIS Bond Plus product at the Citywire Italia Awards 2022.

The award comes in a complicated year for the bond market but nonetheless full of rewards for the sector and for the management team: this acknowledgment is the all-Italian reconfirmation of the success already achieved on the German market less than a month ago (go to the news).

“The real pride for those like us who have been managing bond portfolios for many years is that in some way the consistency of our results is certified, the result of our continuous search for a good risk/return balance within our portfolios” Rocco Bove comments on this award.

The recipe for tackling the bond segment, according to Kairos, is always the same: a lot of common sense, an iron discipline, an inevitable wide diversification, a low concentration, an active monitoring of the positions and the risks connected to it, a good selection and a good dose of dynamism and flexibility in a bond market that history, but also current events, reminds us is anything but boring.

Like every year, the Citywire Italia Fund Manager and Group Awards identify the best management companies and the best talents in the field of asset management worldwide, within the reach of Italian savers and the professionals who select them for their clients.



18 asset classes in the competition, 36 awards assigned: 18 attributed to the best management houses and 18 to the best fund managers for each asset class.

The Best Fund Manager Awards in particular reward the 18 managers or management teams who have distinguished themselves and who have been able to consistently generate alpha-extra returns.

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