KIS Made in Italy

KIS Made in Italy

KIS Made in Italy is an equity fund that invests mainly in the Italian market with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and with the possibility of investing opportunistically in the world of bonds, respecting the investment limits established for Individual Savings Plans.

The product invests in the excellence of Made in Italy, i.e. leading quality companies in some specific sector, accompanying them on their growth path in the medium-long term. The competitive advantage is given by proximity and knowledge of the local context.

The management style is active and dynamic and is mainly based on fundamental analysis with a bottom-up approach that alternates with the top-down depending on the market phases. In the investment process, the team also pays attention to sector and macro trends.

The SMEs observed by the team are those that present interesting assessments, for example we are talking about the food & beverage, tourism, luxury, packaging and industrial districts, nutraceuticals and cosmetics and automotive sectors.

The portfolio is characterized by small companies that want to grow in their market niche, by domestic companies with a recognized brand and who want to internationalise, by companies with low multiples and with excellent prospects and which are listed on illiquid stock exchanges, therefore with the order to move to the main market.

The main management objective is capital appreciation in the medium to long term with a focus on risk management.

Recording date April 2022

Starting from 1 January 2023, any reference to the KIID ("Key Information Investors Documents") must be considered replaced by KID ("Key Information Documents"), in compliance with current legislation

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  • Category

    Equity flexible fund

  • Management style

    Active management style

  • Investment universe

    The portfolio is built around two asset classes: Italian equities and corporate bonds and meets the limits established by PIR (individual savings plans) Italian law

  • Objective

    Achieve positive results in the medium to long term with a specific focus on risk management

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