KIS Italia is a flexible equity fund that invests in the Italian market with a focus on mid and large cap stocks.

The approach is of the long/short – long type which combines bottom-up and top-down analyzes according to the market phases and makes it possible to exploit the inefficiencies of a market characterized by the strong presence of retail investors. The competitive advantage is given by proximity and knowledge of the local context.

The management strategy is focused on indicatively 10-20 large cap names and 30-40 small and mid cap positions close to the IPO phase. The management team boasts a deep knowledge of the complexity and drivers of the Italian market and consolidated relationships with the management of many companies.

The portfolio is built and managed dynamically. Individual positions and their respective weights are valued both individually and on an aggregated basis, in order to ensure that the resulting portfolio meets the sub-fund’s investment objectives regarding liquidity control, diversification and risk budgeting.

The use of derivative instruments is an integral part of the investment process and makes it possible to tactically modulate market exposure with close attention to risk control, adopting a disciplined management approach.

The main objective of management is capital appreciation in the medium to long term.

Recording date September 2019

Starting from 1 January 2023, any reference to the KIID ("Key Information Investors Documents") must be considered replaced by KID ("Key Information Documents"), in compliance with current legislation

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  • Category

    Flexible equity fund

  • Management style

    Long/short management style combining bottom-up and top-down analyses. Pre-determined entry and exit levels with a methodical technical analysis approach

  • Investment universe

    Focused on the Italian equity market

  • Objective

    Outperform the benchmark market, limiting drawdowns

  • Level of risk
    • 1
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