19 October 2020

The Kairos Multi-Strategy fund was the second best Italian hedge fund product by return since the beginning of the year, according to the ranking published in Milano Finanza on 17 October.

The ranking goes into detail of the individual classes and so Kairos Multi-Strategy, with its three classes, is respectively in fourth, fifth and seventh place with the following results:

Kairos Multi-Strategy class I => 8.08%

Kairos Multi-Strategy class A => 7.72%

Kairos Multi-Strategy class P => 6.35%

(Source: Fida. Performance as at 31.08.2020. The classes of all Funds have been considered in the ranking)

Kairos Multi-Strategy is a historic solution within the Kairos Group’s range of offerings: it is a product that invests in alternative funds on a global scale and exclusively in transparent and liquid strategies, avoiding structures characterized by high financial leverage.

In fact, the dynamic construction of the portfolio takes place through a rigorous bottom-up analysis process of the solutions offered internationally by market segment, a real competitive advantage of the product, which adapts with great flexibility to the changing conditions of the overall scenario.

It is precisely this dynamism that has allowed, in such a particular year as 2020, to bring out the value of active management: “The active management style involves the direct implementation by the team of hedging operations, aimed at amplifying o dampen certain asset allocation choices, in compliance with the Fund’s objective, which is to protect capital in times of market downturn and generate positive returns in upturns “says Stefano Prosperi, CEO and CIO of Kairos Investment Ltd and responsible for multi-manager funds of Kairos and continues “the success of the performance of Kairos Multi-Strategy is also attributable to our ability to prepare the portfolio at the end of 2019, or before the correction of February 2020, by purchasing protections, increasing the macro part and then consequently turn the portfolio towards the areas of technology and healthcare, which we believe would have benefited from this situation dictated by Covid-19. ”

Kairos, which has always been a leader in Hedge Funds, confirms the goodness of choice in proposing investment solutions capable of generating alpha. Investing in alternative strategies means identifying market themes capable of offering opportunities for interesting returns in the face of a low level of volatility even in rather complex market contexts.