The year end on markets

26 September 2013

Syria, China and the United States. International relations, crises that have only been postponed and others on the horizon, history that has been written and history that is yet to come and from which we sometimes learn. Thoughts and views that Alessandro Fugnoli, a Kairos Partners strategist, has compiled in an extensive article published in the monthly “Uomini & Mercati”.

Taking stock of what we can expect in the fourth quarter of the year, Fugnoli notes that “It is as if markets were facing a long series of fulfillments and tests, and tests always make you a little nervous, even when you know you can pass. […] In the upcoming highs and lows, we might see dips below current levels, but we might also see rises above them. This means that, in practice, we could find ourselves near the foothills of a tradable rally”.