UCITS Hedge Awards 2022: 4 Kairos products among the winners

21 March 2022

This year four Kairos products got on the podium at the UCITS HEDGE AWARDS 2022:

  • KIS Italia as Best Performance at 4, 5 and 7 years in the Long / Short Equity – Italy category
  • KIS Italia PIR as Best Performance 2021 in the Long / Short Equity – Italy category
  • KIS Bond Plus as Best 10 Year Performance in the Absolute Return Bonds category
  • KIS KEY as Best Performance 2021 in the Equity Long / Short Regulated Utilities category

This is therefore a confirmation of the value of Kairos’ management choices also for 2021.

In fact, the expertise of the team led by Massimo Trabattoni is consolidated on the Italian equity market: thanks to the deep knowledge of the Italian business, was able to ride the opportune moment for the Bel Paese to be back a protagonist in Europe, thanks to the opportunities of the PNRR (the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan).

KIS Bond Plus, the flexible bond fund, that recently achieved a 10-year track-record, has demonstrated its resilience over time thanks to its distinctive features, namely flexibility, selectivity and diversification.

Finally KIS KEY (Kairos Equity Yield), a product that mainly invests in the European equity market – focusing on companies operating in regulated sectors (such as transport and infrastructure) and semi-regulated (such as telecommunications) – demonstrated how an unconventional management approach can be a critical success factor.

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