Best Discretionary Mandates 2021

7 December 2020

2020 was a real stress test for asset managers, a year, the one now at the end, which put a strain on the skills of all asset management companies, struggling with a difficult containment of volatility.

Kairos closes 2020 with a recognition for his Discretionary Manadates Team, which has been able to proactively respond to the strong fluctuations of the market, demonstrating the ability to enhance the capital of their customers. The German Institute of Quality and Finance (ITQF), a leading organization in the qualitative analysis of European financial companies, has in fact included the Discretionary Mandates Team of Kairos among the Best Managers in Italy, giving the company the prestigious quality seal.

The German Institute and its partner, the Institut für Vermögensaufbau (“Institute for Heritage Growth”) have been conducting several quality tests annually in Europe since 2008 and are considered highly reliable benchmarks. This year the Institute’s team of experts together with its Media Partner La Repubblica Affari & Finanza invited the main financial players of our country to take part in the third edition of the study “I Migliori Gestori Patrimoniali in Italia, 2021”.

Taking into consideration the quality of the investment portfolio for a typical client of 150 asset management companies, the German Institute of Quality and Finance assigned them a score in four distinct areas: “Organization” (which contributes to the final evaluation for 10%), “Customer Orientation” (which applies to 30%), “Portfolio Quality” (35%) and “Transparency” (25%).

Among the various proposals analyzed, Kairos stood out in particular for the high standard of its Portfolio, worth the seal of quality. The recognition of the German Institute comes at the end of a year in which Kairos presented a new managerial reorganization and in which it relaunched the Brand, consolidating its niche positioning and strong management expertise and reorganizing its product offer in line with new trends of investment.



The award threshold corresponds to 70% of the score of the best classified in each evaluation category. In the partial classification “Portfolio Quality”, Kairos obtained a score of 92% and with an average in the four categories of 84%.
Source: German Quality and Finance Institute elaboration of data collected from asset managers. For more information: