Fabio Bariletti is the new Kairos CEO

16 April 2019

Fabio Bariletti is the new CEO of Kairos.

On April 16, 2019, Paolo Basilico, founder of the Group, according to a succession project already planned for some time, passed the baton to his number two, with whom he built a singular reality in the world of asset management during these twenty years.

Basilico commented: “Bariletti has been designated as my successor for some time. We have built a solid and unique business, which I leave in capable hands. The decision to take a step back was not an easy decision, but I believe the timing is right for me personally and for the company.”

“I leave you in good, very good hands,” Basilico writes in a letter he sent to Group customers “All 164 Kairos people were chosen one by one, not only for their professional and ethical qualities but also for their abilities to integrate and form a group. This is a job of people whose success depends on great soloists capable of working as an orchestra. From this point of view I leave a unique team, difficult to find or to re-create, which will continue to be my trusted manager at least until the people I have hired remain in the company.”

Bariletti joined Kairos in 2000 where he contributed to the development of the multi-manager business in light of the previous experience gained in managing this type of fund; from 2009 to 2016 he was General Manager of the Group and later CEO of Kairos Investment Management Limited, based in London.

“It is a great opportunity to lead this company of which I have been a member for almost twenty years: together with all my colleagues I will continue our evolutionary project with the aim of continuing to increase the value of Kairos over time”, Bariletti began.