Kairos Group promotes KIS Financial Income

13 November 2017

Kairos Group has expanded its offering with a flexible and thematic bond sub-fund: KIS Financial Income.

In a market context characterized by bank recapitalization, economic cycles in recovery and rising rates, opportunities are opening for investors who want to invest in alternative instruments.

KIS Financial Income is a valuable product for diversifying the Portfolio because it invests in subordinated debt securities, a special bond category that can offer significant potential in terms of returns and are a valid alternative to the most expensive stock market.

“We believe that the financials not only offer the most interesting risk-return profile in the current phase, but also extensive liquidity; we envisage growth opportunities for the subordinated bond market between 2017 and 2019, also due to the effect of the new regulations, and we also expect new issues by Italian institutions. KIS Financial Income has been designed to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in this sector, through the analysis of the capital structure of issuers and of the macroeconomic context” commented Rocco Bove, Head of Fixed Income of Kairos.

To read the press release regarding the launch of KIS Financial Income   click here.