KIS KEY: fourth place for Citywire

10 August 2016

It has been recently announced that the renowned rating agency Citywire has awarded Kairos manager Vittorio Villa a rating of AAA. Vittorio manages Kairos International Sicav KEY, which ranked fourth out of 128 in the Citywire Alternative UCITS – 36 months Long/Short Equity category.

“KIS KEY invests in the universe of infrastructure – e.g. power grids, transports (airports, ports, motorways, etc.), telecommunications, lotteries – or in regulated and semi-regulated markets that can offer a more stable business model, less subject to market fluctuations,” said Villa.

The Fund, which has just reached its third anniversary, features lower volatility than traditional infrastructure products thanks to long-short management approach. Its distinctive characteristic is its positioning in between equity and bond investments, striving to achieve the double-digit returns offered by equities, with a level of risk that is closer to that of a bond product: in other words, a very attractive risk-return ratio.

KIS KEY is characterized by a markedly European portfolio concentration: “In Europe there is a variety of differing political situations, regulatory systems and structures, this makes it easier to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities between different countries. Instead, North American securities tend to move together because they are driven by the same drivers;  this is why we believe that a long/short strategy in Europe is much more interesting than in the United States,” commented Villa*.

This year the Fund was recognized on two occasions:

  • at the “The Hedge Fund Journal Awards 2016”,presented by the British journal with a focus on European Hedge Funds, where it was recognized as Best Performer over 2 Years (2014 and 2015) in the Long/Short Equity-Regulated Utility Sector Specialist category;
  • at the “Investors Choice Awards 2016”, a competition held by the  HedgePo web portal, where it won the award as Best European Long Biased Equity Fund of 2015.

This makes it a flagship product for Kairos, whose offering has traditionally been distinguished by alternative management methodologies able to deliver positive returns regardless of market trends.


* For the complete article read the press review