19 December 2019

Awareness of responsible investment is increasing and this requires a change of perspective, as well as a new investment paradigm.

Last July Kairos began its journey towards more sustainable finance with the signing of the PRI principles and, last November, with the launch of the first long-short ESG fund, the KIS ActivESG.

Today, in line with these convictions, Kairos has decided to extend to its product range, the sustainability analysis of companies and the commitment to active ownership. That’s why Kairos International Sicav Europa becomes KIS Europa ESG.

This is its natural evolution, as the European sub-fund, launched in September 2012, has a portfolio of investments of at least 75% in companies that reflect ESG logic.

KIS Europa ESG allows the client to:

  • investing in the European equity market according to ESG principles, with the aim of increasing capital over the long term and achieving returns above the Euro Stoxx 600-ESG reference index with equal or lower volatility;
  • to move towards portfolios based on sustainable investment solutions, thus supporting companies that take positive measures to improve ESG factors and that assume a commitment of responsibility towards future generations.

KIS Europa ESG’s management style is active, with a bottom-up approach based on fundamental analysis and supported by quantitative analysis. Three ESG filters are applied from the starting stock basket, following the same logic adopted by the KIS ActivESG product, leading to the investment universe. The rigorous stock selection process generates the final portfolio of KIS Europe ESG.

The management team is led by Federico Trabucco, European Equity Portfolio Manager, who has many years of experience in the European equity segment: “The underlying belief is that companies that pay attention to the environment in their processes and in the design of new products, that act responsibly towards all stakeholders and adhere to good governance principles will generally perform well compared to the market media. In any case, they must be supported because this is the right thing to do. According to the European Green Deal (source: European Commission) important investments in sustainability and resource efficiency will be needed. Kairos ESG solutions offer our clients the opportunity to participate in this evolution,” says Trabucco.

Massimiliano Comità and Sabino Delfino complete the team as analysts, with consolidated expertise in quantitative analysis and risk management.

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